#creativact – My Documentary Idea

For this week’s additional task, we were asked to come up with a documentary idea. I have chosen to do a full length documentary for my idea and it is a follow up to my own individual empathy task. Here is mine;

Title: Without a net

Short Overview: A documentary looking at how 3 different people deal with life without access to the Internet.

The big idea: The programme looks at how 3 different peoples lives are affected when they lose complete access to the Internet for 60 days. We will see how they go about their daily routines to see how they cope. They will lose access at home, at work and on the go via their mobile phones/tablet devices. What’s different is how the show focusses on just 3 people. The show will also contain expert analysis on the Internet and it’s future and psychologist studies on the 3 subjects. The main goal is to see whether our lives are now ruled by the web and it’s content.

A synopsis: This documentary will focus on 3 different people when they lose all access to the Internet. Over 60 days, we will follow them through their daily routines to see if they can cope without access to the worlds biggest resource. The documentary will also give facts, figures and analysis from Internet experts and psychiatrists.  It’s key question is to ask, if we coped without the Internet in its current form before 1998, then can we cope without it in the future?

The audience: Technology lovers, users of the web, the older generation to see what the Internet is about.

The conflict: The documentary will also show what the web gives us access to, how quick it is to find general information and views from people who cant live without the Internet.


  • Start – What is the web? What does it do? Ask the question, can we live without it?
  • Middle – How will these 3 people cope (Mixture of facts and figures during this period) – Analysis of the people from experts.
  • End – Answering the main questions, round up, the future.

Resolution: The programme will ask the question specifically to the 3 subjects. What’s the future for the web.

Elements and Characters:

  • 3 Subjects – Male 18, Female 40, Male 65
  • Professionals – Owners of Wikipedia,  Facebook. Stats from websites such as BBC, Sky etc. Psychiatrists.

Length: 60 Minutes


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