#creativact – “Fish out of the Net”

This is my completed documentary.

For this, I chose not to use the Internet for 48 hours, starting from 00:01 Wednesday, to 00:00 on Friday.

Looking back at the task itself, I feel it was a well rounded project to take on. Not many people don’t have some kind of access to the internet, so to join the minority was a strange experience.

Personally, it was a massive struggle to go without the Internet for so long. As I highlighted in the documentary itself, I don’t go very long without using the Internet on daily basis so for me it was a challenge. The bog problems arose later in the first day. I found myself needing information from moodle which I couldn’t get access too, so i had to text a friend to log in on my details and get me what I needed. For things like this, it shows how powerful the Internet is.

I could and perhaps should of used other cuts in the piece and backed it up with various facts and figures. It got very repetitive and it was boring just looking at face for 95% of the video. Other cuts of what I was talking about, such as playing football or going to the bank would of split the video up nicely and would of kept the viewers attention. From what I have been told from viewers of the documentary, they got bored easily which I can totally agree with.

If I was to do this again, I would look at many more documentaries to get an idea of what to add in my piece. I only looked at “Super Size Me” and that definitely wasn’t enough to make an accomplished documentary of my own.


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