Change of Idea (For Assessment)

As a group we are having major issues with our film ‘Assembly’. It’s easier just to make a list;

  • Actors

This is perhaps the biggest concern with the film. Every child talent agency I have spoken to love the idea of the film, but they don’t want their clients taking part in this type of film currently. The child is majorly important in this story, and we can’t exactly write the part out as then the story and narrative becomes broken.

  • Location

After visiting 3 schools and having numerous conversations with headmasters, the schools are not really interested in having us film there, especially during term time and using their children as extras. Plus we all need to be CRB checked, that includes the actors which may take a long time to complete, of which time is not what we have right now!

  • Narrative

After 3 production meetings with the lecturers, we all feel that the idea is good but it has no real coherent ending. Do we finish with the boy taking the bomb to the school, do we end with the mother blowing the bomb up? All questions we don’t know how to answer, and more importantly me as the script writer. We were also asked the question, “Would a mother really want to blow her child up, even for the so called ‘greater good?”. Thinking about it, I don’t think she would, no matter how many problems she has.

The  thing that has concerned me most is how far we have changed the original idea’s narrative. In my mind, it was simple. A child finds instructions to make a bomb on the Internet, proceeds to make the bomb and then plants it in his school. We don’t know the reasoning behind it, thats for the audience to decide. I love story’s that work that way. So with all this in mind, I put the following to the production group on Facebook.

Guys, I know we have worked REALLY hard on this project and the story, but I think it’s time we shelved it and move on quickly. I understand that it’s a bit late in the module to be completely going back to the start, but after numerous meetings I get the feeling we are just going around in circles. I have several more ideas; [IDEAS LISTED] but obviously, if you have others, get them in the open. We have roughly 24 days to turn this around and make something brilliant. It’s so achievable you just possibly don’t know it yet. Let’s stick together and go all out to make this a success.

Everyone agreed and we decided to draft up ideas for new films. The idea that I am straying towards is my police interview idea. Here is the pitch;

2 police officers interrogate a unknown character, but with no response the officers take to other means to get the answers they want.

I like this idea as it has legs. We can make it how we like and have various different endings. I see it as a dark, slapstick comedy film of which I have many ideas for.

So what I have I learnt from this process so far. Have a backup idea ready to go to straight away, always think of the long term problems, of which in this case was not getting actors and locations and most importantly, dont keep banging your head against a brick wall. Sometimes, you just have to let things go.


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