Scripting ‘Whodunit’

So with the ‘demise’ of our original idea, we have decided to run with another one from my list which was;

2 police officers interrogate a unknown character, but with no response the officers take to other means to get the answers they want.

So the group left me and Sean to come up with a script for the idea.

To begin, we brainstormed the pitch to come up with scenario’s that would happen in a police interview. We watched several videos of actual police interviews to get the types of questions used. This one was quite intriguing;

We also looked at some scenes from the popular UK drama, ‘The Bill’ to get some knowledge of how the public think a police interview takes place .With this in mind, we were getting an idea of how we wanted the film to go and look. We took the decision that we wanted the interviewee to be completely unknown till the ending as a reveal shot. We also wanted them to be silent throughout the film, this we thought would build up tension well until the end. We then played with the idea that what if the character wasn’t a person, but perhaps an animal and make it a slapstick comedy. It was at this point that we thought of using a puppet. This would make people laugh, would be unexpected and would go well by having 2 contrasting sides of the interview, the serious police officers and the jokey puppet.

So the next plan of action was to note down what typical things happen in a police interview and which of those we wanted to use. We decided that the officers need to have a small conversation between themselves before the interview begins, they are drinking a coffee and having a cigarette.

So with all this in mind, this is our completed narrative for ‘Whodunit‘ (Final script, added 3/3/12)


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