Casting and Location Issues

So with our new idea now finalised and agreed, we have been working at getting 2 actors for our main roles in the film. One will be playing DCI Scott and the other DCI Adams. We wont both actors to look like stereotypical police officers. They will need to wear suits, have facial hair and have an angry tone on their face. As the director, I will have to get the actors in the mood that we want to to portray in the film.

So the task was for the producer to get in touch with various casting websites to see which actors were interested in taking part in our film. We had over 15 responses in 48 hours which was really encouraging and a lot of praise was put on the script which made me personally feel great. I enjoy writing and getting some recognition for my time and effort was really nice to hear.

So after sieving through the applications and looking at various showreels, we came to the decision that wanted Robert Nicholas and Darrel Springer to play the roles.

Both agreed to the playing DCI Adams and DCI Scott respectively, and we arranged dates and contract details with both. Unfortunately, Robert wasn’t able to re-arrange his other filming duties so we had to go back to the drawing board in regards to our lead role. I didn’t really like the look of the other applicants, they all tended to either look to young or there showreels weren’t great. So i decided to take a look though the ‘CastingCallPro’ website to see if there was anybody else available, this is where I came across Anthony Glennon. He looked perfect, had that rugged look and his showreel was impressive. I asked Tori to message him to see if he was available and more importantly, interested in working on this project. He said yes which was great. This just goes to show that you don’t always have to take the first option, and with a little work you can get what you want.

This is Anthony.

So with our actors all set up, now we need a location. The film is set in a police interview room. The logical choice would be to film in a an actual police interview room but when we went to view one, they are very small, cramped, dark and nothing like you see in films or on TV! So we had to brainstorm other ideas. Options we came up with were a classroom or a garage. The problems with both of these though are the sound may be poor and they don’t really look like an interview room. The location is such a vital part of the film, it gives the audience that safe knowledge of knowing where they are and is the first thing you recognise in a scene. I got the feeling the rest of the group just wanted to find a ‘safe’ location, but personally I wanted something a little better but it was proving a challenge to get. So we all left Uni a little deflated knowing that we have a great idea, great actors but no-where to film. I took to the Internet to see if there was any website listing locations for films, this is where I came across the ‘Coventry & Warwickshire Filmakers’ website. I put up a post to see if anybody local could help and low and behold, somebody responded within 10 minutes. This is where we found the ‘Moathouse Leisure Centre’ and I organised a meeting with the poster to see what it looked like.

It was perfect, had great lighting, lots of space to work in and had great atmospheric sound. We decided to go ahead and book the room for shooting day and we were able to get a discount of 75% on the hire which was great. It has really good potential, and we can use the ‘invisible wall’ trick to make the room seem really tight and enclosed. And as the film is going to be dark, the walls and windows are not vitally important as we will be covering them up or you wont see them at all!

Overall, even with all the problems we have faced, it just goes to show that a little hard work and determination can get you a long way.


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