Shooting Day! (For Assessment)

So today was shooting day and for me the most exciting day in this project! We decided to get an early start and get to the location as quick as possible to set up, run through a couple of scenes and make sure everything was working properly.

So we all met at 8.30 at the Ellen Terry building to pick up the equipment, loaded it into the car and set off to the ‘Moathouse Leisure Centre’. As we arrived at 9.15, the centre wasn’t expecting us. Although we boked the room and had a confirmation email and payment receipt, the centre didn’t have us booked in the room. Luckily, it wasn’t being used so after a few phone calls, it got sorted and we started our set up. Once we ran through a couple of quick test shots, I wasn’t really liking how the room was set-up. Even when we set up the lighting, the room just looked really open and not enclosed as I would of liked.

So we changed it around a little, we turned the table side ways against the far window which meant we could get some really nice and enclosed shots by using an ‘invisable wall’. We picked up both Actors and started to shoot at 11.15.


Overall we had 14 shots and angle to get, and we were looking to film each shot twice or 3 times dependant on how each one went. We envisioned about 6-9 hours of filming in total but we actually got it completed by around 3 o’clock which was down to the good work by the cast and crew!

In the past on all the shoots I have been on there have been numerous problems that occur during the day, but this was different. We worked efficiently and when a problem did arise such as the lamp bulb running out, we had a couple of spares available just in case. The lighting on a few shots was a bit off too, but we used all our skills and knowledge to make the scenes match and look authentic.

I also think we hit the ‘jackpot’ with our main actor, Anthony Glennon. He was very professional in the way he worked, his attitude and his skill and precision in each take we did. Darrell Springer was also very enthusiastic in what was his first role in a film and that came across well throughout the day, and improved in each take we did.

Here’s my thoughts on the rest of the group;

  • Tori – Did a good job throughout the day, made sure the actors were prepared for each scene and that they were ok with how the day was going. Organised lunch and gave feedback on how the shoot was going.
  • Sean – As editor/dop, he marked down all the footage to make his job at the end of the project easier to complete. He worked in conjunction with Gov (the other DOP) really well, and gave me some advice on the scenes.
  • Gov – As chief DOP, he set up each scene with different lighting, camera angles and again assisted me with the scenes.
  • Tik – As camera op, he worked intuitively with the camera and the equipment which made the day run smoothly. It was as if he was ‘at-one’ with the camera!

Personally, I thought I did a good job at directing, which was reflected in the good feedback I got from both actors and the rest of the group. I was precise in what I was asking the actors to do in each scene, and when we had to make a quick change in the script, I was able to get across the mood I wanted the actors to be in during that particular scene. If I was to improve in any way it would be to be a bit more open with the people I’m working with. There was certain times I thought the group lost their way a bit and I was apprehensive in telling the group to concentrate on their particular roles.

Overall the day went really well without many major issues which was nice to see. Let’s hope any future shoots go this way!


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