Rough-cut – Short Film Crit #2

This week was our 2nd crit of the module in which we had to show our rough cut of ‘Whodunit?’. This is now the final title of the film.


We decided to go first in the session mainly to get it over and done with and to get some feedback early in the session. This would enable us to think about what the rest of the group has said about the film and what types of things we have to look for in everybody elses.

Here are the main thought’s on our film from the rest of the group;

  • The lighting is really nice and works with the film, however, you can’t see some parts in the darkness.
  • The narrative is great and the punchline is nice, especially with the puppet as the reveal shot.
  • A few cuts in the film are not needed. Character changes position during 1 cut.
  • The film changes direction with the camera angles by roughly 90°
  • Actors are brilliant and make the film stand out.
  • The sound needs fixing.
  • Use a different voice for the punchline, it was unclear to some.

So overall I am really happy with what we have acheived so far. Listening to both the comments from our peers and lecturers, it’s clear that it was a great idea to shelve the previous narrative and concentrate on this. We were also applauded on how well we pulled off the project in such a short space of time. We only took on this new narrative with around 20 days till this rough cut was needed so it just goes to show that you can do a lot in such a short space of time.

We have already began work on correcting the small errors in the film. We have taken out the un-needed cuts, changed a few camera angles and completely redone the soundtrack with added wildtrack. We have also asked a voice artist to narrate the puppet’s line. This will give it a more polished feel which is what we are aiming for. We still need to grade the film and add titles and credits, but we will be doing that earlier in the week.

Here was my feedback for the other groups;

The Actor

  • Good shots, lighting, composition, music was good connects the film and character
  • Poor narration from the character, narrative needs to be clearer, needs more shots, location was poor but was the only option which is understandable.

Size 16

  • Phone call in the background worked great, good variety of shots, nice narrative, actors were great and believable.
  • Edit needs a bit of work, sound effects, lighting wasn’t the best in the warehouse,needs an establishing shot, out of focus on 3 shots, wobbly camera work at times.


  • Love the actors and they are really believable, dialogue and narrative are strong, brave using older actors.
  • Yellow tint, jib shot wasn’t straight, the film is a  little slow but understandable for the narrative, don’t use the Etta James song (go for something crazy like dub step)


  • Edit was good for a rough cut, actors used well with great relationship and chemistry between each other, sound was good.
  • Too long, some weird shots and cuts used, eye line changes throughout.


  • The idea is good, even without the sound you can get the gist which is good, believable couple, reaction shots were good, acting was sharp.
  • Continuity is completely off, no pacing, over exposure, no white balance.


  • Location looks great, script is nice and delicate.
  • Need to get rid of that traffic sound, focus looks off, could make that follow scene a lot more creepy with closer shots, don’t use the cut of her taking her shoes off, could of used better actors, some of the dialogue is unneeded and not convincing.

The Lift

  • Hard to get grasp only through rushes, hard work pays off if you stay up all night!
I think everyone has done a good job with the module, especially with trips such as Iceland going on in-between and other problems that have arose.

Personally, it’s safe to say, i’m grinning like the Chesire Cat at how well this module has gone in the end!


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