#creativact – Creating an Impact

So for the creating impact challenge for week 6, I’ve decided to hit 2 birds with 1 stone and use the teaser trailer for an upcoming film I am working on. I have the role of DOP and PR so by using this, I’m getting the trailer to as many people as possible. Were trying to make these pieces of media make some king of impact in the world, and the key is to distribute it in a way that will get the work notice.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/38696831]

So for this to make some kind of impact, I need to utilise every part of the media to it’s potential. My first stops were Twitter and Facebook. My tweet held a tag of #StephenKing. That # tag get’s included in over 5000 posts per day so there is plenty of scope for this post to be viewed. So far, I have received 3 retweets and a couple of new followers interested in the film.

Then I decided to post it on a few websites that I am a member of. Crossfire.nu is primarily a gaming community, but there are many film fans and members are worldwide so it will gain more attention then just in the UK.

Another site that get’s lots of viewers is Reddit. Often called “the homepage of the Internet”. With over 1million unique hits per day, and over 750,000 subscribers to both the film and video sub-sections, the trailer has massive potential of being viewed by all types of people. I still have to wait for the post to be approved.

So far, after only 2 full days online, the video has been viewed 74 times which is great and there is plenty more room to get this seen in many more places. I could look at some of the big movie forums on the web, get a listing on IMDB or even speak to film related websites to see if they will run a story on the project.

In my opinion, this video will never go viral. It  may get some attention which would be great, but what I find with most viral videos is that they either funny or have a shock factor. Take these 2 for examples;


Our teaser trailer has neither. I don’t think you purposely make a viral video either, it just tends to happen. I also didn’t choose to do my own video to make a stand against something because I’m slowly getting bored with those types of videos. Everyday on youtube, you see these people talking to their webcams about problems in the world without them doing a great deal about it. I don’t see them making a massive about of difference in the long or short term. Even other mediums such a student protests made no difference what-so-ever. For change to happen, you have to look at the hierarchy. If they want something changing, they will do it. If they don’t, they won’t. And if people kick up a fuss, they still won’t change.


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