Professional Experience – My Creative Work and Teamwork


Over the course of professional experience,  have had to work with various teams, of different sizes and all involving different types of characters. What I have learnt though is how to actually work in these various teams, and how my role in the team effects myself, my team and the project as a whole.

In the projects, I took on various roles that I would like to do in the future. I like the idea of management in the media industry, and by taking on the producer and assistant-director roles, I was able to gain an insight in how it is to manage different people. Overall I think I did really well. I’ve had previous experience of management in my current part time job and I have also had to work with difficult colleagues in the past. This was the case on some of the projects I worked on, but I just had to be very straight and tell them what I needed to do. I found that by being honest, it definitely helps and gets the point across much clearer and easier.

The various different team sizes also gave me the opportunity to be managed on a broader scale. I had to keep alert and aware of what was happening both on and off set. My communication skills also improved between people I have never worked with before and I took this opportunity to see how others work. There are times that I didn’t like what people were doing and when giving my opinion, I was “sent packing” as such, even though I knew what the best option was. I dont think it was a case of me not speaking up, because I did, it was more of a case of  people not liking what it was I said. Perhaps I challenged their motifs or ethics and stood on their toes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. If i was in their position, I would certainly want to be told if there was a different solution to what it was I was doing. It would then give you another option for you to think about in the future.

Overall, I feel that i have progressed as a team-member. Although I feel I was a fantastic team player before the module, it has giving me the opportunity to develop my thoughts, increase my management potential and work well with new individuals.

Creative Work

Over the course of the module, I have been able to bring out my creativity in a number of ways. I have always seen myself as a script writer, and by working on the TV studio tutorials, It gave me some valuable experience at writing both to a strict set of rules but also writing comedy. I was also able to think of new and intelligent ways to use a camera and by completing storyboards to get my vision into the minds of others.

The work that I have produced is below. Some of the work that I completed cannot be shown currently due to agreements, but will be listed as soon as I am able to.

TV Studio Tutorials

Brighton Promotional Video


Duplex Promotional Video (Rough Cut)


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